Lenticular lithography

Small and medium sizes (maximum 27" x 18") are printed on a lithographic press using UV ink. Small quantities are made by laminating. A lenticular sheet can be die cut as per your requirements, a dieline vector file should be supplied.The lenticular sheet filters light and therefore can be back like for a spectacular effect.


For a lasting effect

In this era of 3D and special effects, large format lenticular printing meets all the requirements to respond to the growing demand for displays that stands out in a unique and original way.

Our different effect options, flip, 3D or animation, can now bring a new dimension to your lenticular project. The maximum size of a large format is 47" x 72". It is possible to make an oversized format by creating a mosaic composed of several lenticular panels. The use of UV inks protects printed material that are displayed outdoors, in constant sunlight. The lenticular film allows light to filter through and can therefore be backlit.


3D ID SECUR is an identification process using 3-Dimensionality to secure identity documents and fight fraud.

Utilizing our experience in 3D document production and our constant research and development efforts, have developed an innovative identification card to protect businesses and institutions from counterfeiting.

Composed of three amalgamated 3D images, the card offers multiple levels of security. The complexity of the manufacturing process, the use of specialized equipment and deep know-how makes forgery virtually impossible.

art pieces

Many visual artists are now exploring the different facets of this contemporary medium.

Visit to view our artistic achievements.

family portrait

Lenticular now allows you to have creative and artistic family photos or personal portraits.

3D selfies, souvenir photos, portraits or personal photos embedded in a work of art; the possibilities are almost and deep know-how makes forgery virtually impossible.