Visual Effects


Flip from one image to the next with alternating images

Lenticular concepts have 5 times more chances to stop consumers in their tracks & attract their attention.

Vertical or horizontal lens orientation.


Depth perception illusion on a flat surface

The visual elements are positioned on several frames to create the illusion of a third dimension. With this type of effect, we can see the depths of each element and superimposition of elements.

Vertical lens orientation.


Scrolling of images/frames in sequence that seem like a video

Animation is a sequence of images/frames that can mimic movement like a video depending on the number of frames. A lenticular animation effect can include 12 to 64 images/frames.

Vertical or horizontal lens orientation.

Multiple Effects

Combination effects to get even more amazing results.

Examples combine 3D and Flip (also called 4D) or 3D and animation.